Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Pampering your self

You deserve to be pampered! Indeed, even more than that – you require pampering. It’s life enhancing, healthy and rewarding to enjoy a good pampering, a relaxing massage, a sublime facial, a life enhancing session of caring self indulgence.

Too often, we are bombarded with messages from society that pampering is wrong or sinful. That we don’t really deserve it. That it’s a sign of weakness. These messages are rubbish!

Pampering is about experiencing human touch and caring. Pampering is about support. It’s a reward for being alive. It stimulates your immune system. It supports feelings of warmth and lovingness which in turn heal the heart and mind.

Pampering is a celebration of being alive and enjoying the sensuousness of life. Cherish your body. Pamper it with massages and spa treatments. Have a hand, foot or scalp massage. Relax back into a warm scented bath. Surround yourself with candles and gentle sounds.

Feel good about your pampering. Every human deserves it!

Your health and balance require you to enjoy and stimulate your senses and every part of your body. This gentle, pleasurable stimulation sends messages to your heart-brain and gut-brain and brings balance to your autonomic nervous system. Pampering provides parasympathetic signaling and buffers against stress.

Make pampering a regular part of your wellness and health maintenance. A healthy mind requires a healthy body. So give yourself the life enhancing gift of joy and pleasure.

Positive psychology has scientifically shown that positive feelings and emotions produce spirals of mental and physical well-being. You truly do deserve and require a deliciously life enhancing pampering. So schedule one in right now!!!

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wishing you much life enhancing wellness,
smilings, Grant


  1. I congratulate you on your great blog and continual positive messages /material you are sending out to people.

    Have a most fantastically wonderful day!

  2. Excellent information as always.....Love to be pampered !

  3. Excellent post, very important information. I can attest to the healing power of massage. More than once I have been very ill with no sign of recovery, drug myself out for a massage, and then found myself taking a dramatic turn for the better immediately afterward. My two favorite ways of pampering myself are getting a massage and going out to afternoon tea!


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