Sunday, February 6, 2011

Learning from Feedback

“Feedback is the breakfast of champions.”
Ken Blanchard

We discussed the NLP Success Formula in the previous post on Questioning Assumptions. The Success Formula says that to maximise your chance of success you need to operate the following strategy:
  1. Clearly know your Outcome
  2. Take congruent Action
  3. Sensory Acuity – Learn from Feedback
  4. Behavioural Flexibility – Change and adjust to achieve your Outcome

From this strategy comes the insight that there is no such thing as failure, there's only life enhancing, useful and valid feedback. If what you are doing isn’t working or is moving you further from your outcome, then this is really excellent feedback and allows you to use requisite variety to change and adjust your actions ‘til you are moving closer to your outcome. Excellent. There’s no failure, only feedback. What a great thinking tool.

Thinking Tool – Feedback

"No failure, only useful feedback!"

Too often people see negative feedback as failure. They hate hearing or seeing that something isn’t working or that they are wrong. They then go into denial or distort the facts in order to delete such really useful feedback. When you understand there is no failure, there's only fantastic feedback that you can use to support your success strategy, then you empower yourself to accept reality and make positive use of it. The facts really are our friends. They point us in the direction of our happiness and success.

You really do want to know what works and what doesn’t work in the world. You want an accurate and useful map of your world. So value and appreciate all feedback -- it's life enhancing. Learn and grow from it.

life enhancing wishes,


  1. Grant, "accept reality and make positive use of it" is a powerful eight words! I like the way you're able to pack so much value into a short post.

  2. Wow Jean, "accept reality and make positive use of it", what a powerful way to express it! Thank you! You've encapsulated it superbly. And thanks again for your wonderful and kind feedback and sharing. Your comments always add value to the blog.

    smiles and thanks,

  3. Yep, as usual Grant is right on the money. 'No such thing as failure' is my mantra too or as somebody said to me once - 'you can always make a silk purse out of a sow's ear!' But I like Grant's way of saying it much better! Your posts are always great value Grant - thanks.

  4. Hey Jan! With that as your mantra, it's no wonder you've been able to do so many great things in your life!!! Thanks so much for your kind thoughts, and for adding to the feedback and dialog, I really truly appreciate it.

    smiles and thanks,

  5. Hey Grant,
    First time commenter, long time reader.
    I agree totally. I wanted to add that feedback comes in many forms, a friends opinion, a bosses objection, a lovers side ward glance or even something showing up consistently to point you in the right direction until you say "OK, I get it". Feedback is one of the most important tools to growth.
    As per usually, you timing is amazing and your feedback is always such great feedback.

  6. Hey E, great to get your comment and feedback :D and thank you for your positive and kind words. You are so right, feedback does come in many forms, some incredibly subtle, and some that keeps whacking you across the head till you get it!!! Either way, for success, as the NLP Success Formula shows, you really need to focus on the feedback that life is giving you, so you can respond quickly and effectively and adjust your behaviour to move you closer to your outcomes. The more sensory acuity you do, the quicker you'll get the feedback.

    I'll look forward to your next comment and more great feedback :D

    smiles and hugs

  7. Your post is absolutely to the point. Learning from all kinds of feedback is extremely important. The interesting thing is that it comes in all forms, as pointed out here, and it requires a certain level of sensitivity. Change and adjust to achieve your outcome. I learn something every time I visit your site. Thank you! Regards, Jan Fredrik

  8. Hey Jan,

    Thanks for the positive feedback! I really appreciate and value your input. You are so right, sensitivity is a key skill in noticing and responding to feedback. Flexibility is also another important component to that process. By valuing feedback, you increase your ability to unconsciously and consciously attend to the feedback, by focusing and increasing your sensitivity to the feedback and by a willingness to change and adjust, you maximise your chance of success in life.

    Following the Success Formula is definitely a competency that can be practiced and refined.

    Thanks again for your kind comments.

    best wishes and smiles,

  9. I am mesmerized by the many levels of "only feedback". Again and again I think I have integrated this into my everyday life but then I find yet more levels and wisdom in it ;)

    Thank you for a great post, by chance I just wrote about the topic from a slightly different angle on my blog ("Failing your way to success" -

    Best wishes,


  10. Hey Jonas, thanks for checking out my post. I just took a read of your blog post and I love what you have to say on the subject. You have some great examples and quotes!

    I often think about 'failure' in terms of my version of the expression 'trial and error', I prefer to say that I learn by 'trial and success' rather than 'trial and error', since there are no 'errors', only great feedback which is part of the process of success(ing).

    smiles and thanks, Grant


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