Thursday, October 13, 2016

Tips for Simplifying Life

"Besides the noble art of getting things done, there is the noble art of leaving things undone. The wisdom of life consists in the elimination of non-essentials.”
Lin Yutang

In these acceleratingly complex times, it's important to bring some calmness and simplicity to your world. One way to do this is, (as much as possible), to simplify your life.

Based on values, here’s some tips for simplifying your life:

1.    Remove clutter from your life
It takes time and energy to keep possessions in working order, dusted and looked after, so get rid of stuff you don’t really need or doesn’t align with your key values.

2.    Evaluate your commitments
Learn to say “no”. Don't overload your schedule. Use your values to decide what’s important to do and what you can say no to.

3.    Use entertainment media wisely
Turn off your TV and limit the amount of wasted time aimlessly listening to radio, mobile phone texting or surfing the web. Before indulging in mind-numbing media, check your values and see if there’s something of higher value that you may not have done. For example, are your kids or family more important? Is your health of higher value than entertainment? If so, go share some valued time doing an outdoor activity with the people you love.

4.    Make time for yourself
Commit to yourself. Make time to relax, exercise, meditate and re-vitalise yourself. To cope with the stressful pace of life and change, you need some quiet space. So make time to read books that uplift you and make sure you give yourself regular peace and solitude.

5.    Automate repetitive tasks
Automate the ongoing repetitive tasks of life. For example, setup automatic bill payments so you don’t have to waste time on these boring mechanical tasks. Simplify as many tasks as you can. There are a lot of amazing tools and devices that make jobs quicker and easier. Make use of them.

6.    Live a low-footprint life
Live within and beneath your means. Studies show that the majority of self-made millionaires are frugal. Choose lower cost options as often as possible and save as much as you can. That way you won’t waste a huge amount of your life working to pay for things you can’t afford.

7.    Listen to your heart and gut
Your heart-mind and gut-intelligence have wisdom. Talk to them, ask them for guidance and listen to what they tell you. When you are clear about your values, the whole of your mind/body will work to help you live up to them. Simplify and value your life and you’ll find that ‘too much, too soon’ will become a thing of the past.

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