Saturday, June 6, 2009

Enhancing your life...

Several years ago... I came up with a concept called LED's (Life Enhancing Devices) to explain how certain items and devices can really make a difference and enhance our lives. This concept has been and continues to be a really useful distinction for me and the people I've shared it with.

LED's are things that truly expand and augment life. Some LED's are relevant to an individual and their particular set of values. Other LED's are germane to all people everywhere; they are universal and make a difference to any intelligent organism. I'll explain my thoughts on this and explore it in more detail in a coming blog entry.

In the last year or so I've been exploring the notion of 'Life Enhancing Skills'. These are skills and strategies that I believe are necessary and useful for living a wonderful life. They are skills that truly make a difference to the quality of your life, your success and your happiness. Again, I'll explore these in a future blog.

Recently, I realised that the concept of 'Life Enhancing' could be expanded to include every element of the NLP model called 'Levels of Identity'. This was an exciting realisation for me and of course was truly a BFO - a Blinding Flash of the Obvious :)

So I decided to start this blog by way of sharing and 'time-binding' my thoughts, ideas, discoveries and distinctions on the whole notion of Life Enhancing.

I hope you enjoy reading and sharing the ongoing exploration of Life Enhancing, and I look forward to reading your responses, comments and own ideas on what enhances this thing called "life".

[LIFE = Living in Full Enhancing]

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  1. That's a broad question isn't it??

  2. Yes, it sure is! And a really useful one. I've found that using it as a filter, keeps me focussed on making the best use of my time, energy and life.

    It's also said in the field of NLP that the quality of your life is determined in large part by the quality of the questions you ask yourself on an ongoing basis. So, by asking yourself 'What is life enhancing?' and 'Is my behaviour/outcome/activity etc. life enhancing?' you increase the probability of living a better and more joyful life :)

  3. Having dinner with a friend the other night, and asked him the question: "What for you is life enhancing?"

    His answer: Having really close friendships and being able to make good friends easily with people

    I totally agree with him, and the research from Positive Psychology supports this. Love, caring and friendship are positively correlated with happiness, health and wellness. All of which are Life Enhancing!

  4. Greetings.. I am always enjoying your spawnings of excellent life enhancing dialectal deliverances.

    Particularly some weeks ago on the Petro-Sexuals, I loved that spawning.

    Currenly I am reading the "ReEnchantment of the World" by Morris Berman -1984 a Bantam book. Great Treatise on Gregory Bateson's extended works and his solutions to a world without "Macho-Ego" (my word)

    I am sure a second reading won't be so stepped or stilted.

    I shall write something up about it soon, perhaps I would be better of with updates, as it has taken me many moons to get even half way in this book, but dam is it great. Cheers and Mega-Smiles GPS.


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