Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Life Enhancing Devices: Top of the List!

Nearly 20 years ago, I came across my first brain-wave synchronisation machine (aka 'Light and Sound Mind Machine') at a Mind and Body Expo. It looked and sounded amazing, so I sat down and tried it. Awesome!

It was such an amazing experience that I immediately ordered one. I now own a number of them, along with a swag of other bio-feedback and Neuro-enhancement devices. I use them regularly and they really make an incredible difference to the quality of my life.

Life Enhancing Device

"One of the most Life Enhancing Devices there is!"

In my opinion and experience, these Mind Machines are one of the best LED's (Life Enhancing Devices) there are! BIG claim hey! So why do I make that claim?

Light and Sound Mind Machines work by creating patterns of light and sound that entrain or modulate your brain into selected states of consciousness. For example, when your brain is experiencing alpha-waves, it is in a state of deep relaxation. Exceptionally competent meditators, people who have studied and practiced for decades, are able to shift their brain-waves into what is called super-theta. Delta brain-waves are produced in the state of sleep, and the normal state of consciousness is associated with beta-waves.

What a Mind Machine does is synchronise and move your brain into states that you select, for a duration you select. So for example, if you are feeling stressed and tired, you can select a program that will move you from beta, into alpha and then on into a deep super-theta state, before returning you to alpha and then beta. This is like doing an amazingly advanced and incredibly refreshing meditation. It's incredible how good and rejuvanating it feels!

You can also use the device to get to sleep. My beloved used to do nightshift nursing, and would have incredible difficulty sleeping after a hectic and stressful night at work. Once we owned a Mind Machine, she would put on the goggles and headphones, select a sleep program and the machine would guide her off into alpha to relax her mind and then on into deep delta sleep. It then switched itself off after the preselected time period, leaving her in a deep and restful sleep. No more restless and frustrating tossing and turning. Just deep and refreshing sleep. Now how cool is that!

I've meditated for over 30 years. I've studied and am adept at a number of different techniques. There's nothing quite like a great meditation session. And yet, there are times when I'm so physically tired, or when I've been pushed into such a stressful state by the exigencies of life, that it's almost impossible to achieve a truly deep state of meditation in the time I have available.

This is where the Mind Machine comes into it's own. You see, it doesn't matter what's happening in my subjective state, once I push the on button, the device starts moving and entraining my brain-waves into the selected program and 'I' just drift off into the deepest state possible, without any conscious volition on my part. It all just happens like a wondrous journey into deep inner-space. Wonderful! And at the end of the 20 minute session I return back to normal consciousness feeling so damn calm, relaxed, enervated and alive. I truly love my Mind Machine! It is a magnificent Life Enhancing Device!

Note that there are some caveates... these machines are contra-indicated and should not be used by people who suffer from epilepsy or psychoses.

If you choose to buy yourself one you should make your own mind up about them, based on your own decisions, not on my recommendations.

Personally, they work for me and a number of friends who have also bought one. I truly wouldn't be without one. But hey, everyone has to choose their own path in life, and each person needs to be the author of their own life enhancing :-)

Here's the new Mind Machine that I've just ordered, it looks to have some fantastic features, and I can't wait to try it:

Procyon Light & Sound Mind Machine

Procyon Product Features

  • Full Spectrum Audio-Visual Synthesizer Light & Sound Mind Machine for modulating states of consciousness, dwelling at the threshold of sleep, deeply relaxing, or activating visual creativity
  • 50 Built-In Sessions to guide your Mind into amazing and deeply entraining states
  • Over 16 million colors, digital audio & new GanzFrames
  • New Software & Cable for programming & downloading new sessions via USB and the internet

And here's some cool books about the whole subject of brain wave synchronisation and neuro-feedback.

smiles and deep brain-wave enhancing,

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  1. I've got one of these, and it's way cool. You are right, it is totally life enhancing


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