Thursday, May 27, 2010

Inspiring your soul

"I breathe white light through the skin of my soul every day, and I hope you do too."
Thomas Sullivan

I was reading this month's 'Sullygram' - the eloquent and thought provoking monthly missive from Pulitzer nominated author Thomas 'Sully' Sullivan, and Sully's words moved and inspired me so deeply that I just wanted to share them with you here.

They talk about freedom, personal agency and the magic that is life. They evoke a call to action towards excellence and to live at your life enhancing best. They remind us to get out into nature and revel in our world.
"The cues to magic are all around you.  Take the trees.  Don't they always seem to stand straighter in spring, like they are launching in slow motion, trying to reach escape velocity?  But in the end they never quite summon the courage to let go of the earth.  People are like that.  Maybe that's why we wind up buried in dirt, as if we collapsed into our own roots.  And yet, if that mortal destiny is inevitable, there is no reason for it to be premature.  Nothing is stopping you from transits in nature, from soaring where you can, trying to reach escape velocity -- and sometimes doing it!  Gravity should have no effect on your spirit, your mind, your heart.  I'm always astonished to see people whose every instinct screams that truth at them, and yet they remain spiritually inert.  Sadder still if, when they are shown how to become permanent escapees, they succumb to fear or guilt or some other useless rusting chain.  You wouldn't think that would happen.  The power of imagination and inspiration is within them, but something negative keeps them grounded like nested birds in the unknown night.  To never achieve starlight or circle the silver moon or meet the sunrise before its appointment on the new horizon seems like such a colossal waste to me and an affront to creation.  I celebrate reaching for optimization in every way.  You don't have to BE optimum; you just have to reach for it.  The magic is in the effort"

So true! So true! The magic is in the effort. The magic is in doing the best you can every day. Sure some days will be better than others. It's a journey. Celebrate your life by focusing on enhancing it. Strive for excellence. Use your powers of imagination to dream great dreams and inspire yourself to action. Never let the gravity of daily life effect your spirit, your mind or your heart.

Breathe white light through the skin of your soul every day!

yours with life inspiring wishes,

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  1. Jean at The Delightful RepastMay 27, 2010 at 11:24 PM

    Thank you, Grant, for another life enhancing post. Sully is one who truly practices the art of life enhancing every day, and I think you do too. I am one who spends most of my time indoors--and I appreciate a well-appointed room perhaps more than most--but my time outdoors is filled with awe at the "decorating" that can only be found in nature. My ideal scene (or one of them): light rain or heavy fog over green hills next to the ocean with rocks protruding from the water.

  2. hills...boulder strewn surf -- works for me. I think they call it Ireland (Connemara, anyway). Thanks, Jean.

    And most obliged, Grant, for giving my humble words legs. How else can magic travel from human to human over blind distances?

    -- Sully

  3. You guys provided my inspiration this morning. I was all set to skip my planned walk in order to get a jump on my day. Then I read this and put my shoes on. Glad I didn't miss out on a 7 a.m. magical, misty tour.

  4. Thanks Jean and Sully, you are both very welcome :-D

    I find writing this blog to be really life enhancing as through it I meet wonderful, supportive people like yourselves who inspire and encourage me. And hopefully by sharing the great ideas, words and messages here, we encourage others to enhance and make more of their time on this planet. Sometimes a small but vital distinction, over time, can make a HUGE difference to life.

    I've been in the City today, working in Corporate land... but tomorrow I'll be back in paradise, and getting out in nature, to refresh my spirit and transcend the gravity of daily societal requirements :-D

    cheerings and thanks again

  5. "Never let the gravity of daily life effect your spirit, your mind or your heart." This is a great one! The "mouse on a wheel syndrome" has a way of doing that, if you allow it. Thank you for another great post Grant, and Sully too. :)
    ~ Catherine.

  6. I just read this excellent Sullygram post... wow!


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