Friday, February 26, 2010

And the word is...

Just a short, sweet blog entry today :-)

The Positive Word Dictionary

I recently received 'The Positive Word Dictionary' in the mail and wanted to let you know that I think it's a life enhancing addition to any bookshelf.  It has over one thousand eight hundred positive keywords and is a great resource for expanding your range of positive words. The author is Michael Fisher and you can get a copy from his website:

As you know from previous blog entries (Positive Emotion Words and Positive Words are life enhancing) research shows that the English language has approximately 50% more negative words than positive words.

So it's vitally important to counter this tendency towards negativity by expanding your positive vocabulary.

I've made good use of the Positive Word Dictionary to enhance the list of positive words in the Positive Word Tool, so please feel free to download a copy here and use it to play the 'Positive Word Game' - randomly select a positive emotion word and then live out and explore that emotion during your day.

Enhancing your life with words

You might also remember in my blog entry 'Words are Life Enhancing' that I discussed how words are the tools you use to understand, filter and construct meaning and reality. They're also the tools you use to communicate, negotiate, influence and inspire others. The larger your vocabulary and the greater the number of distinctions you have for describing and articulating your world, the more refined you'll be in the outcomes you create.

And linking this notion, with the concepts from my last blog entry on the positive psychology of Generosity  - Generosity makes a life enhancing difference,  I'd like to introduce you to a website that combines learning new words in a fun way while helping to feed starving people. Sound good? It's a life enhancing way to do generosity while expanding your vocab.

Free Rice is a non-profit website run by the United Nations World Food Program.

According to their website FreeRice has two goals:

   1. Provide education to everyone for free.
   2. Help end world hunger by providing rice to hungry people for free.

So how does it work?

Free Rice provides a vocabulary game, that teaches you new words in a fun way. It really is a great way to enhance your vocabulary. And the best bit is that for each answer you get right, the sponsors and advertisers donate 10 grains of rice through the World Food Programme.

Even though 10 grains of rice may seem like a small amount, it's important to remember that while you are playing, so are thousands of other people at the same time -- and it's everyone together that makes the difference.

The benefits to you

Learning new vocabulary has tremendous benefits. It can help you:
  • Formulate your ideas better
  • Write better emails, letters and reports
  • Speak more precisely and persuasively
  • Comprehend more of what you read
  • Read faster because you comprehend better
  • Be more effective and successful at your job
  • Think more clearly and make more distinctions and meaning in your life
And linking to the research on Generosity and Altruism, you will also benefit from knowing you are doing something to help those less fortunate than yourself.

Words can make a difference

Yes, in more ways than one, words truly can make a life enhancing difference to the world... so remember:

"Words can either Build Up or Tear Down, Strengthen or Weaken, Emancipate or Enslave…THE CHOICE IS OURS!"
Roger Anthony

positive best wishes,


  1. what do i think is life enhancing? reading your blog!!! most times I open up my mail i find something new/interesting/challenging/ amusing/and generally enhancing. Keep up the great work

  2. Thanks Mark! I truly appreciate your kind comments, feedback and encouragement.

    smiles, Grant

  3. I really enjoyed the Free Rice part, a great way to make a small difference. I got up to 600 grains before I ran out of time :-)


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