Sunday, February 7, 2010

Positive Words are life enhancing - Use the Positive Word Tool

"The quality of your life is in direct proportion to the thoughts you think and the words you use.
The more positive thoughts you have the more positive the outcomes in your life.

Positive things happen to positive people."

In a previous blog entry on 'Positive Emotion Words' I talked about the importance and effects of words on emotions and how we have more negative words in our vocabulary than positive words. I also shared the idea of 'Positive Emotion Theme Days' and how in one of the Organisations I do consulting with, we have been enjoying the transformational effect of these.

Each day, the team uses a tool I created, to randomly select a positive emotion word, the word is printed out in colour, placed in a prominent position and also emailed out to all the members of the team, including a growing list of recipients from other areas in the Organisation and even to vendors the team interacts with. As I indicated in my previous blog entry:
"The team does their best to enact and live the selected emotion during the work day. It really makes for a much better work environment, is great for team bonding and just plain fun. I’m sure the improved mood and state of the team also carries over into better outcomes and experiences for our clients."

We've now been using this process for nearly 12 months and some of the comments and feedback from the team about their positive experience include:
  • "It's something I look forward to each day. And it takes the 'grumph' out of the difficult days. It puts our team into a positive frame of mind, and even our extended family of vendors and staff in other divisions now anticipate its arrival."
  • "The positive word makes you think of positive things when it arrives, you are ‘taken away’ from the drudgery of day to day work… enhances your thoughts."
  • "I personally think it has changed the dynamics of our team at work. Previously it was like walking into a very sad and stale place. Now its enjoyable, fun and colourful."
  • "It's very uplifting. It makes me feel good!"

Words have a bio-chemical effect on the body

As I've articulated in many of these blog entries... our words and thoughts have an effect on how we feel about ourselves and others -- Each word you use has the power to change your mood and thereby influence those around you. Positive words engender and inspire positive emotions (positive emoting). And influence your heart, mind and those around you.

And as you can see, playing with Positive Word Days is fun and life enhancing! So I encourage you to take it up in your own workplace or team and use it to make a life enhancing difference to your day.

Download the Positive Word Tool for free

In order to support you to do this, I've created an Excel workbook tool that you can download for free here:

Just click the link and then click the 'Download' button to save the tool to your own computer. Run it and click the button. It uses excel macro code to randomly select a word from the list on the 'Word List' tab. You can add extra words to the tab.

Let me know how you find using the tool and what effects it has in your life or with your own organisational culture enhancing.

positive best wishes

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  1. Cool tool and idea. I'm gonna use it with my team.

    Thanks for posting this.


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